Plumbing consulting services for Realtors in Northern California have come to trust and refer US Trenchless for their clients sewerline inspection needs. We have tailored our services specifically to serve the real estate community. From easy online scheduling, rapid response, and even the custom user friendly PDF electronic reports you won’t find another plumbing company that can do what we can! In addition to our plumbing expertise we are also General Engineering contractors, which allows us to perform work in unrestricted areas unlike a plumbing contractor.

Why perform a Sewerline Inspection?

  •  Sewerlines are typically the sole responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Problems with Sewerlines are undetectable without proper disclosure or the use of our camera.
  • Sewer replacement can be expensive.


A: It is best if the owner (or potential owner) is present to view the monitor during the inspection and to get an explanation from the technician. However as long as a sewer cleanout is accessible nobody is required to be present.
A: No, our cameras are small and are pushed down the pipe by hand so no loud equipment or mess is created.
A: If we have access to the sewer cleanout then 40 minutes, if access is thru roof vent then expect us to be there for an hour. If we need to remove a toilet to access the sewer line then the inspection should take approximately an hour and a half.