One of the most exciting and revolutionary methods we have developed to date is our Zerodig™ pipe restoration process. This is the only 100% zero excavation process used to repair or rehabilitate. Over the last 25 years the Trenchless industry has dramatically changed the way pipes are repaired. No longer is it necessary to dig a giant trench the length of a pipe in order to fix the pipe. Now using advanced trenchless methods only minor excavation is required to repair the pipe. Well at least until 2009 when the owners of US Trenchless began experimenting with a process which allows a complete pipe restoration with absolutely zero excavation. Hence Zerodig™ was born. Since then we have refined the process and are proud to say that we are the true pioneers of this amazingly effective and efficient way of repairing old buried pipes.

The easiest way to explain how the process differs from traditional Trenchless pipe lining is that our Zerodig™ only inserts a section of liner that has been saturated with resin in the area of the pipe where the effected area requires repair. This section can be as little as one foot long all the way up to 100+ feet in length and diameters of as small as 1.5” up to 60”. In order to use our Zerodig™ process we must have at least one open access into the pipeline being rehabilitated, usually a cleanout or roof vent is used. We then either pull the new liner into place with a rope or push it into place with a stiff rod until it is in the correct position. Next, we inflate the liner using a bladder and cure the liner until it meets the required hardness.

With the addition of Zerodig™ technology to our long list of alternative pipe rehabilitation and repair tecniques US Trenchless is sure to meet any challenge presented with aging pipes that are difficult to reach using conventional excavation methods. Zerodig™ takes the “less” out of Trenchless so no longer are we trenching less but rather we are not trenching at all. This is Zerodig™ technology and it’s a huge benefit to our industry and will save time, money, and best of all there will be absolutely no disruption of the earth for excavating launch pits which means a clean work site and a safe work site.

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