Sewer Line Inspection in Sacramento, CA 95899

“US Trenchless did a pre-purchase inspection of a 50+ year old townhouse we were purchasing. Their inspection revealed the original line from our property was heavily corroded and needed to be cleaned out. Although I was not happy about the additional expense related to purchasing, we went ahead and had the line cleaned.

Best thing we could have done ! Within a month, the sewer line was clogged and backing up. I called US Trenchless and they were out the next day and ran the camera down the line. It was clear. As it turned out, there was a block in the main line that is controlled and maintained by the HOA. Had I not had US Trenchless clean out our line,I would have ended up calling plumbers and would have paid them when the real problem was out of my control.

Thank you Abraham and the crew . You responded quickly when I incurred an issue after the cleaning was done and your re-inspection saved me additional expense and headache.”


– Jim M.